Tomorrow (10.12.2016) finally Rebelzer and me will be able to show our artworks we’ve been working on the last couples of weeks.I already can say, that it was one of the best collaboration i ever had. Rebelzer is one of the nicest artist i’ve ever met.

And this i really mean from the bottom of my heart!
Working together with him was a pleasure and not only did we had great and funny conversations/discussions
about art and many laughs. I also met so many other nice people through him. Working on our paintings was so uncomplicated and rewarding. And I learned so many new things from him. I feel very lucky that we both met and he invited me to work on a exhibition together with him. Im sooooo looking forward to our vernissage and be able to show u all our pieces because I truly believe we made some special paintings. Thanks so much to Rebelzer and all his friends who help us to make this happen. I’m very thankfull for this experience.

Please also have a look at his homepage

here’s also a little sneak peak


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